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Touring the "Ten Square Miles" through food

Ithaca carries a few reputations with it, most of them having to do with education and politics. Its food scene might not be chief among those, but the city does boast a deep list of impressive restaurants. One local woman is looking to make sure...

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Exploring Upstate: Ithaca is Foodies Tour

"Nine of us from Rochester caravan-ed to Tompkins County last weekend for an afternoon of hanging with Ithaca Is Foodies. The duo behind the tour company is Sarah Barden and Seth Wraight. They offer a walking experience with multiple food-centric..."

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Ithaca Times: Touring Downtown Eateries

When local epicures Sarah Barden and Seth Wraight took a food tour in Bar Harbour, Maine, it sparked one of those “bright idea!” light bulbs. They tossed around the idea, drafted restaurateurs, put up a web site, and hit the streets.

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