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About Ithaca is Foodies

We were born and raised in Ithaca, NY, but moved away for college. The day we returned to town, as we made the steep descent along State Street with WICB's modern rock playing and the windows down, The Commons pulled into view and we knew we were home.

We embraced our hometown by spending many nights reveling in the variety of restaurants located all over the city, bringing old friends and new residents along so they could enjoy the abundance of diverse cuisine and locally-sourced food just outside our door.

While on a trip to Bar Harbor, ME, we enjoyed our first-ever food tour, and were dumbstruck that Ithaca—a city with more restaurants per capita than NYC—didn't have anything like this. So we set about to create Ithaca is Foodies—a culinary adventure accessible to locals and visitors alike. We cannot wait to bring you out-and-about with us!
-Sarah and Seth

Meet The Founders

Sarah Barden

I’ve always dreamed of a career in food. When I was in high school I used an independent study to learn the basics of cooking. It was then I realized – I’m not much of a cook. All these years later I’ve finally found a way to follow my stomach. I could not be more excited to share this passion for food with you!


Seth Wraight

When I was in sixth grade I learned how to make pasta from scratch and started dreaming about opening my very own pasta restaurant. Guests would choose their noodles, sauce, and mix-ins to make their own unique dish. When I was in eighth grade I realized how much work that would actually be and decided that robots were pretty cool instead. A few years later (ok, ok, more than a few), I’ve found a new way to scratch that itch – I’m super excited to share my love for food with everyone!